Barriers for the Birds and Bees

It's not only humans that face barriers in this world, it's also becoming an increasingly difficult place for the animal Kingdom to thrive. Largely in part due to human nature, our ever-expanding settlements, the poisons we put into the earth, whether that's through pollution, pesticides, or our lifestyles, the effects it’s having on the birds and beasts of the world are momentous. I wonder if we could all do a little more to remove those barriers and learn to live a little more harmoniously alongside our fellow earth dwellers.

The People’s Republic of Stokes Croft: Bristol’s Beacon of Hope and Resistance

Gentrification is everywhere. In most larger towns and cities, gentrification, alongside the hallmark of capitalism creates a cloned atmosphere, where you could be anywhere, as community has become a fragmented thing of the past. Homelessness too is everywhere, as people are squeezed out from one social circumstance to the next, so any thriving effort to keep community alive – putting human wellbeing before profit, stands out.

Living Life with Charles Bonnet Syndrome

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Charles Bonnet Syndrome - Eye Barriers - Illustration by Celeste Pearce

I want to tell you a little about me and my aim to walk 123 miles to raise awareness and funds for Charles Bonnet Syndrome, a condition that affects people with sight loss of any age, including children. This condition causes vivid silent visual hallucinations.