June 2021 Editorial

by Dawn M. Sanders

Welcome to this, our 2nd issue of Barriers to Bridges Magazine and welcome new subscribers. I couldn’t be more relieved that this issue is done, dusted and published.

I have had almost constant I.T. issues, my laptop in and out of the shop for one thing or another, a bad bout of writer’s block with one of the articles despite my enthusiasm for the subject matter, and far too many family and life complications for interruptions to the productivity, but alas it’s done.

We have slightly less content than March’s issue, but I’m happy with the quality of how everything has come out.  It’s incredibly difficult to get contributors when I cannot yet offer commission, but it’s about quality not quantity.

Turning to the issue itself, we’ve got a colourful magazine with a long-form feature on a unique example of community before corporation, how the entertainment industry represents actors with additional needs, an informative first-hand account of a little-known syndrome and a light-hearted salute to the animal world and the barriers they face.

There are some exciting possibilities coming up for the magazine on the cards in the next few months, but I will wait for things to come to fruition before announcing anything, so please anticipate any news in subsequent newsletters.

HUGE THANKS to my trusty Assistant and Illustrator, Celeste Pearce, contributors to articles, those of you who have written testimonials for our new page, and of course our hard-working web-designer, Maggie of Red Dog VA – enjoy.

Dawn Sanders, Editor    

© 2021

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  1. Kestrel ^!^

    Congrats on the second issue.

  2. Caroline

    Thank you, Dawn, for all your passion, resilience, hard work and inspiration to get justice and authentic equality in society.

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