Vacancy Opportunities


This is where we will showcase opportunities to work with and get involved with the magazine – we look forward to hearing from and connecting with you.   


We are URGENTLY looking for 2 subeditors/journalists.
As our main subeditor is leaving us, we are looking for 1 to 2 applicants for these positions which are voluntary.
The contract will be from 6 months to 1 year, depending on applicant availability and agreed contract.
Please do not apply if you are a student.

The Magazine

In operation for over 2 years, Barriers to Bridges CIC (Community Interest Company) is a quarterly publication for and about the most marginalised people and communities in society – providing a platform for and ‘voice for the voiceless’. Not a niche magazine, we address issues over a wide spectrum of protected characteristics including:

  • ‘People’ with additional needs;
  • Single parents;
  • Those struggling with mental health challenges;
  • People from a working-class background;
  • Those facing gender inequality;
  • People who are homeless;
  • Those identifying as LGBTQ+;
  • People of colour;
  • Those who struggle with addiction;
  • People living off-grid or travellers.

Barriers to Bridges takes a ‘person first’ approach before any label – a core quality of our ethos and house style, as the founding editor I am passionate for people to be recognised for their personal attributes first, keeping language progressive and empowering at all times. For example, referring to ‘people’ with additional needs instead of placing ‘dis-abled first. Therefore, if you favour the social model within the discourse of describing those with physical, sensory or cognitive challenges this may not be the magazine for you.
In celebrating diversity in all forms – applicants must be from one or more of the target groups above in order to identify with our ethos, core values and what it means to be marginalised or face specific barriers in life.
Please look through the magazine’s site to get a feel for what we’re about and the articles we have covered.

Essential Requirements

  • A good news sense and eye for a potential story;
  • Good interviewing skills, with the ability to craft compelling copy and accurate quotes from interviewees or participants;
  • The ability to work remotely and on own initiative;
  • The ability to follow specific instructions;
  • Must be able to take constructive criticism, with a view to improving copy;
  • At least 1 year’s experience in journalism, a related field or degree/NCTJ level qualification;
  • Good command of English and grammatical skills;
  • Must be willing to keep within the house style of the magazine at all times;
  • Excellent I.T and social media skills;
  • Must be passionate and enthusiastic in representing our target audience and giving the most disenfranchised a platform;
  • Must be willing to tackle taboo subjects or under-reported issues;
  • You will need to be organised and a good communicator in working closely with the editor and illustrator in the work assigned to you.
  • Most importantly, keep to deadlines and within word counts as set out within the magazine guidelines.

Desired Attributes

  • Be easy-going and flexible;
  • As an independent publication, be willing to challenge the mainstream narrative and bring accountability journalism to those in positions of power or those who marginalise the people/communities we represent;
  • Bring suggestions, new or creative ideas to help the magazine grow and expand;
  • An eye for photography or graphics, both for articles and social media.


  • You will be assigned 1 to 2 articles each quarter for upcoming issues;
  • Be proactive in steadily promoting the magazine on all of our social media platforms and organically where possible;
  • Take turns writing the newsletter in between issues;
  • Help with subediting other articles;
  • Keep on top of our website analytics, ensuring our visibility remains strong;
  • Spend approximately 7 hours per week with tasks (this can vary depending on what needs doing);
  • Where possible, work outside your location, as we’re online, UK-wide and now international;
  • Never limit your research to internet sources only, it is important to source interviews – either face to face where possible or remotely;
  • This is a voluntary role, however any costs incurred will be reimbursed;
  • Help with promotional/fund raising campaigns or participate in podcasts;
  • Most importantly, enjoy the role, the challenge and personal/professional satisfaction that comes with creating content and seeing it published with a view to raising awareness, challenging the status quo and promoting equality.

What You Will Get in Return

  • As Barriers to Bridges has become a Community Interest Company (CIC) you will have the opportunity to become a director within a social enterprise business model, being instrumental in key decisions surrounding the magazine after a 3 month trial period;
  • Gain invaluable first-hand experience as a journalist;
  • The opportunity to choose your topics to write about;
  • Depending on whether we secure substantial funding, the opportunity to gain payment for either articles or hours worked (note funding streams are not guaranteed, as this is a work-in-progress for not-for-profit businesses);
  • As your editor, I will provide as much guidance as you need on your journey as a journalist/subeditor and your contribution to independent media.

As the magazine is still fairly new, we all will be on the journey together, learning from both mistakes and successes.
If you’re interested in this exciting role and opportunity, please provide a CV and covering letter (in Word format only) along with any work you have had published or not. Don’t worry if you haven’t, it’s just an added bonus:

Dawn Sanders,
Founding Editor
Barriers to Bridges CIC