About Us

Dawn Sanders

Dawn Sanders: Founder and editor

For the last 7+ years I have wanted to start a magazine written by, for and about marginalised communities.

Raised by a single mother with mental health and abusive issues, I have been a single mum, homeless on 2 occasions, I’ve lived off-grid briefly with my son and I happen to be visually impaired.

Growing up in the post-segregation decades in the US, I observed racism, as prejudices were rife, so I have commonalities with various discounted groups.

I am passionate for under-represented, disenfranchised people to have a voice and platform.

Celeste Pearce

Celeste Pearce: Illustrator

I’m a single mum from a working class background and have worked with Dawn for a few years now. 

I’m a self-taught illustrator who has a keen interest in art, music and culture.

I’m really keen to be a part of this project, as Dawn’s idea to give a voice to the voiceless is something I whole-heartedly support, I hope you do too!

The Magazine

Barriers to Bridges is a national online quarterly. We are a progressive, forward-looking, thought-provoking outlet that uses empowering language and takes a refreshingly ‘person first’ approach when describing those with protected characteristics.

It is long overdue for a publication providing a ‘voice for the voiceless’. The UK media is dominated with corporate-funded mainstream narratives that silence those already on the margins of society, often stigmatising or stereotyping certain groups. This magazine brings accountability journalism to the fore. While many independent publications focus on wider macro-political, international topics, Barriers to Bridges focuses on micro-situations and people’s individual stories. We explore how particular communities, such as those with additional needs, refugees or people with mental health conditions, are overcoming barriers or becoming empowered through sports, art or increased employment/vocational opportunities. Therefore, we are helping to raise awareness, inform and educate wider society on our vision of challenging barriers of marginalisation, building bridges to empower communities.

We are the voice of:

  • ‘People’ with additional needs;
  • Single parents;
  • Those struggling with mental health challenges;
  • People from a working-class background;
  • Those facing gender inequality;
  • People who are homeless;
  • Those identifying as LGBTQ+;
  • People of colour;
  • Those who struggle with addiction;
  • People living off-grid or travellers.


Our aim is simple – with inequality on the increase, Barriers to Bridges Magazine will strive to do exactly what it says on the tin, by levelling society’s playing field. While we do not support a political party, human rights violations, discrimination and stigmatisation will inevitably underpin what we seek to address. While our target base is wide ranging, this will serve to keep content compelling, varied and interesting to readers and subscribers – we are uniquely not a niche publication.