Providing a ‘voice for the voiceless’ we’re CUTTING ABOVE THE NOISE, as rarely reported on or consigned to the fringes of the media, these are issues which affect our lives, communities or cultures from the margins to the forefront.

Why Busk

Busking or street performance, has its long history with the intrepid or those on the scanty side of life, yet these days, it can simply be someone just wanting to get their talents recognised while making a few bob doing it. Especially with the music industry being so tough to get one’s foot-in-the-door’ many are taking to the streets as venues have been hit by the pandemic and are shutting down.

The People’s Republic of Stokes Croft: Bristol’s Beacon of Hope and Resistance

Gentrification is everywhere. In most larger towns and cities, gentrification, alongside the hallmark of capitalism creates a cloned atmosphere, where you could be anywhere, as community has become a fragmented thing of the past. Homelessness too is everywhere, as people are squeezed out from one social circumstance to the next, so any thriving effort to keep community alive – putting human wellbeing before profit, stands out.