March 2021 Editorial

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Welcome to this, the first issue of Barriers to Bridges Magazine. This is something I’ve wanted to do for over 7 years, since before I did my journalism degree, so the fact it’s finally coming to fruition is a monumental dream-come-true for me on my journalism journey.

The Decision of a Lifetime

On a crisp, sunny winters afternoon on the South Devon Coast, we’re catching up with Ariadne, an incredible lady whose life was to change with a knock at the door, when she was faced with an almost impossible decision.

Ode to a Gentleman

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Brendan Magill, who recently passed away, had a long, full life of helping others with barriers to employment find work or get into self-employment. While he worked with people with additional needs across the board, he was especially known, well liked, and respected within the community of visually impaired people, as he had a visual impairment himself.

Subjugation of the Masses by the Church

I have been a member of that strange, British institution, the Church of England, for some thirty years. Yet, have I seen it modernise in that time? Yes, and no. The ordination of women as priests and bishops is great progress. If you think that the Church is in a parlous state now, imagine if it hadn't made those bold changes…