March 2021 Editorial

by Dawn M. Sanders


Welcome to this, the first issue of Barriers to Bridges Magazine.  This is something I’ve wanted to do for over 7 years, since before I did my journalism degree, so the fact it’s finally coming to fruition is a monumental dream-come-true for me on my journalism journey.

That said, I couldn’t have done it without the help of my trusty illustrator Celeste Pearce and our brilliant web designer, Maggie Duerden of Red Dog VA.

This first issue in addressing marginalisation we’re hitting the ground running with stories of dedicated mothering and ‘women of steel’ – in line with our monthly theme celebrating women’s contributions to society and diversity.

We boldly address subjugation by age-old institutions and the way cultural or political barriers can be bridged through the simple human interaction of play, as well as paying tribute to a man who spent a long career of helping those with significant barriers, access employment or self employment.      

I couldn’t be more proud and over both the moon and sun, because it’s long past time for those of us on the margins to add our collective voices in cutting above the noise of all that drowns us out – keeping us silent or ‘in our place’ within the pecking order.

You can read the bio of all contributors by clicking the link on their name within their byline.

I sincerely hope you enjoy what we’ve put forward this first time round and I hope to gain momentum with more volunteer contributions in line with challenging given narratives or status quos.

Lets rock, the boat that is…

Dawn Sanders, Editor    

© 2021

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  1. Kestrel

    Congratulations on your First Issue to you Dawn and all others involved with Barriers to Bridges Magazine. Hopefully the first of many.

    Bright blessings

    Kestrel ^!^

  2. Dale Le Fevre

    Well done! You’ve created not only a publication that looks very professional, the subjects you address are highly relevant. Your creation has exceeded my expectations. I’d give you a pat on the back or even a hug, but at the moment neither are allowed.

  3. Leigh

    Seeing your dream become reality is testament to your tireless dedication and passion for what you do.
    Huge congratulations.
    Haven’t yet had chance to dive in completely. Excited by the prospect

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