September 2021 Editorial

by Dawn M. Sanders

Welcome to this, our 3rd issue and welcome to any new subscribers. Firstly, a special congratulations goes out to Nina Chesworth, who wrote the piece in June’s issue on the little-known condition of Charles Bonnet Syndrome – she has now completed her sponsored walk in all the Mancunian pride and glory it deserves – great work, Nina!

This quarter we feature buskers, that often talented lot sometimes hanging on the fringes of what is considered mainstream society, but equally just out to make a living like anyone. Celeste pays a brief visit off-grid and our new journalism intern graduate looks at that age-old north south divide in possibly just where you might expect it, yet where it is under-reported.

We are thinner on the ground for content than I hoped for this issue, as securing interviewees for planned stories, particularly during the summer holidays, is like getting fruit from dead trees.  So, we have had to work extra hard and some content just didn’t make it – causing a fair amount of stress. Our stake holder campaign has equally been impossible to launch in earnest, with little or no responses from organisations approached – we will of course be persisting in exploring these and other funding streams in an onwards and upwards campaign. 

It was brought to my attention by a subscriber, that the facility on our site did not seem to work for regular subscriptions, but I have found out, the cost of securing the mechanism for regular subscriptions, is not something we are able to afford right now, without help from additional funding streams, suffice to say, unless we begin receiving regular subscriptions and/or funding, as the founder and editor, I’m not sure how much longer we can keep afloat with no income. So again, please consider a small monthly donation.  Until we can afford the cost of the regular subscription facility, please contact me on:, and I can set up a regular subscription with my business account. Just £5 per month would enable us to eventually produce podcasts and other basic logistics to sustain the enterprise.

I hope to bring you more promising news next issue, but that you enjoy this month’s content. 

Bright autumnal blessings, as we all settle down to the nights creeping back.

Dawn Sanders, Editor    

© 2021

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  1. Kathy Terwilleger

    Hi Dawn. This is a really great idea. I enjoyed your article on Barriers to Bridges. Looking forward to reading more. I will do what I can to support this venture. Have a blessed day!

    1. Dawn Sanders

      Hi Kathy and thanks for the support. Which article did you read that you enjoyed? Please stay connected and consider subscribing to get our quarterly issues automatically into your in-box, monthly newsletters and any in between topical news or eventually podcasts. Thanks, Dawn

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