March 2022 Editorial

by Dawn M. Sanders

Hello everyone,

Welcome to this, our special celebratory issue, as Barriers to Bridges Magazine is 1 year old this month and as the Founding Editor, I couldn’t be more over-the-moon with pride! Considering the precarious times we are living through – a climate crises, increased levels of inequality, an ever-increasingly dangerous political landscape and the aftermath of a world pandemic, we have still managed to thrive and shine through it all. With spring and the gathering light upon us, there are other things to celebrate – International Women’s day has been this week and of course March is mother’s day month.

In this special issue, we are crossing from local to international: I have taken a positive look at local initiatives for people with additional needs; Caitlin has addressed the thorny subject of addiction; a forthright and philosophical piece on the modern debate of online activism and most worthy of celebrating, is the first of a two-part long-form article by a guest contributor, into the plight of refugees arriving at European borders. So, I sincerely hope you enjoy the colourful patchwork of pieces we have put together for you and all throughout this last year, for those of you who have been with us for a while – keeping it thought-provoking and the volume of the ‘voice of the voiceless’ raised above the prevailing jungle of noise. We are a small, dedicated, dynamic and skilled team and of course none of it would happen without our Maggie of RedDogVA – I am both lucky and blessed. We have our work cut out for us for the next quarter and beyond, but for now, please celebrate with us for creating a unique publication for and about the most marginalised people and communities.

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With gratitude,

Dawn Sanders (Founding Editor) Caitlin Stimpson (Co-Editor) and Celeste Pearce (Illustrator)    

© 2022

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