December 2023 Editorial

by Dawn M. Sanders

Greetings Everyone,

Phew! This year has flown by at rocket speed, leaving a trail of bewilderment, yet we find ourselves at that reflecting time of year, with all the best of’s – making 6 months ago seem like a distant past.

Personally, I haven’t had the best year, but professionally, Barriers to Bridges started on a high, yet landed on what we can only hope will be a launch pad ready to surge ahead for the new year.

In this last issue, we are slightly less in content, but what we have is: a timely long-form piece written by me, on a unique perspective of Palestine.

Scarlet Alexa has written of a harrowing situation in the world of young people.

Sophie draws attention to the way in which misogyny manifests within society and Estelle Uba writes of how race and the unseen condition of ADHD intersect.

Each of the pieces fit within our theme of ‘The Treadmill of life’ and what we must endure while walking the long journey – we hope you find it stirring or even challenging.

As the year draws to a close and you brave the cold, dark afternoons to trawl the pound shops or Xmas markets, please spare a thought for us and keeping us afloat with bringing you such a valued platform, for perspectives you won’t read in the mainstream media.

As ever, we would be especially grateful if you could start a regular donation or make a one-off, however small or what you can afford.

We have also had little to no response on our survey we launched last month, so please spare a few minutes to give us some valued feedback or suggestions – we really appreciate any input, as we intend to keep growing and looking for funding to sustain the magazine.

Do have a relaxing, happy, and safe yuletide season whatever you do or however you celebrate.

We will be back in the new year, in the meantime – season’s greetings from:

Dawn Sanders, Sophie Lord, and Celeste Pearce

As always, special thanks go out to our Maggie for looking after the website and content.      

Thank you,

Dawn Sanders, Editor

© 2023

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