December 2021 Editorial

by Dawn M. Sanders

Season’s Greetings Everyone,

If 2020 was a complete write-off due to the pandemic – this year has been a year of recovery in reclaiming visits to family, that great British institution, the pub or just re-joining face-to-face activity in a more human environment. Speaking of the environment, it’s also been a year of reckoning – the long-awaited COP26 was agonising to witness and according to many commentaries and campaign groups, just didn’t go far enough. That said, I am ‘so proud’ that Barriers to Bridges Magazine has managed to stay afloat – a full four issues, despite a lack of any funding, more external contributions or just the hurdles each of us have faced on a personal level on life’s obstacle course, but we’ve done it and have big plans for the coming year to formalise as a CIC (community Interest Company) and much more. Given the fact we’re such a small team and in the almost aftermath of a world pandemic – making it such a strange or unpredictable time to be starting a business, we’ve pulled it off! Congratulations to us, if, I may be so bold… I couldn’t have asked for a better team: a committed co-editor and creative illustrator and of course our wonderful website manager – Maggie of RedDogVA. We also have you to thank, our subscribers – your support is invaluable! I only hope you can please continue to share us on your platforms, tell someone who you think would benefit from our content or might be a great contributor with a story or just helping us flourish as a viable not-for-profit business.

I’m also proud to say this is ‘I think’ the best issue we have produced this year. Our feature is one of hope and determination in such dark times; we are challenging what lacks within diversity; Caitlin has shown a light on the continuing privilege of further/higher education; and we couldn’t ignore the challenges the festive season presents for single parents. There is an anonymous blog addressing the all-too-ignored discrimination in employment, so I hope you agree this is accountability journalism at its best. Thank you again to my colleagues, Caitlin, and Celeste. However you, our readers, celebrate the holidays, enjoy the festive season, and keep it lit, that is, the flame of hope – we have everything to fight for…

That’s it from us for this year, but we’ll be back in the new year picking up where we have left off – going from strength to strength. Stay safe and happy new year from all of us: Dawn, Caitlin and Celeste.

Dawn Sanders, Editor    

© 2021

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