Talking to Tayo

With open season on activism, whistle blowers and descent on any level worldwide, now more than ever it is compelling and crucial to recognise the sentiment of activism – particularly through art or storytelling.

The Only Thing Tested Was My Patience

The simplest things are often not only unnecessarily complicated, but inaccessible. I’m SO FED UP with official types making a song-and-dance of the most routine acts, let alone a lack of insight and an insistence that everyone fits a one-size-fits-all model.

Miles for the Mind

After a difficult couple of years, once again I hit rock bottom. I have many times, due to a traumatic childhood and the unfortunate things that come with such a start in life, but this time I thought I’d really had as much as one can take.

Is Local Democracy Accessible?

In trawling the vault in my brain for original ideas for April’s newsletter article, I thought addressing voter accessibility to candidates standing for councillor in May’s local election would be thought-provoking and at least introduce potential councillors to the notion that, ‘democracy is for everyone and every vote counts.